COVID-19 Update JAN 2022

Thank you for taking the time to read all of this. We need to do our part to keep the workers and clients of Lather as safe as we can. So, as per the Provincial Health Officers new mandate, as of Jan 7 2022, we are to implement our revised Covid-19 safety plan. As the owner of Lather, I ask that you please respect these orders as we need to do our part to slow the spread. Thank you so much for your co-operation and understanding. Please stay safe.


  1. We will be limiting our occupancy to a max of 10 people based on our workable space and square footage as per Work Safes guidelines. For us to maintain adequate distance between people, we require a minimum of 55 square meters in our open area.
  2. Our workstations are spaced more than 2 meters apart.
  3. We have removed our waiting area.
  4. We have installed a plexiglass barrier at our front reception desk.
  5. We will not be allowing walk-in traffic or have clients waiting in the salon for their appointments.
  6. Our door will typically remain locked to avoid any unpredicted congestion or have our salon over capacity.
  7. Clients will have access to our new protocol before coming to the salon so they are aware of our new practices and what is expected of them once they arrive.
  8. Hand sanitizer will at the entrance and will be required once arriving and leaving.
  9. Masks will be required for appointments in their entirety. If clients do not have one, one will be provided for them.
  10. Removal of all magazines, booklets, brochures, and personal effects from our front area and workstations.
  11. Clients and workers will be asked to allow one person at a time to walk through the centre of the salon to avoid unnecessary congestion and clients will be asked to limit their movement throughout the salon during their appointment.
  12. A large plastic barrier has been installed between our two shampoo sinks to provide safety and is part of our cleaning and disinfecting protocol.
  13. Limiting close interactions as much as possible and limiting length of appointments when possible.
  14. Workstations will have their own: Barbicide jars, changed daily. Clippercide at each station pillar. Virucide cleaning agents available throughout salon. Hand sanitizer and each station.
  15. All stylists have recently updated their sanitation and sterilization knowledge by taking recent online course(s) certificates available to view on request.
  16. Signage posted regarding COVID-19 safety practices as friendly reminders and/or to give direction.
  17. Retail will be only touched by workers.
  18. At the end of each appointment we will be disinfecting our work areas with specific Virucide.
  19. Clean and disinfect all tools and equipment between each client.
  20. Bathrooms will be cleaned throughout the day.
  21. Front desk, doorknobs, light switches, phone, handles, countertops, touch screens, and any other surfaces repeatedly used will be cleaned and disinfected throughout the day, preferably after each use.
  22. Workers will be washing their hands or using hand sanitizer before and after every client. And every time they touch higher traffic areas or after coming in contact with public items.
  23. We will not be double booking to prevent any additional risk to cross contamination and to maintain our occupancy limits.
  24. We will be conducting active screening and asking that clients to answer the posted questionnaire.