BC’s Phase 3 update at lather hair lounge.

As we embark into phase 3 of the restart program, as the owner of lather hair lounge, I still feel we need to protect the immune compromised, people only partially vaccinated and the people who have not (or can not) get vaccinated. We will still be implementing most of our covid safety protocol. Occupancy limits, hand sanitizer and masks etc are still mandatory in our establishment for the time being. Your understanding, trust and respect is appreciated as we feel this is safest for everyone working or entering our personal service business at this time. Protecting our clients as well as ourselves is of upmost importance and we will be continuing to monitor and adjust our policies as we move through these phases. Thank you so much!

As we navigate this new world, we are all trying to do everything we can to keep ourselves and our families safe during this COVID-19 pandemic. Lather Hair Lounge is no exception. We want to take this time to share with you how your future Lather Hair Lounge appointments will look in order for you to be prepared. Please be assured that we have a very detailed safety plan in place which is based upon Government and WorkSafe BC guidelines. Our safety plan will be available to be viewed on our website at If these guidelines are not followed, Lather could be fined and/or shut down. These “new normal” rules are put in place for clients’ safety as well as the safety of Lather stylists. These rules are non-negotiable. If you are unable to meet these guidelines please contact your stylist to rebook when you are able to make them work. We appreciate everyone’s understanding. As we all know, social distancing is the safest way to protect ourselves from COVID-19. As such, we ask you to talk to your stylist when booking in order to limit the duration of your stay at the salon. For instance, discuss possibly foregoing a blow dry as the Coronavirus travels via droplets in the air, or split up your appt to limit your time, etc.


  1. You must come to your appointment alone. No children (unless it’s their appointment) , no pets, no friends or family. If you have mobility issues and require accompaniment, or are too young to come alone, etc., please notify your stylist well ahead of time so we can make plans accordingly as we are only allowed a certain amount of people in our establishment at one time.
  2. When you come for your appointment, please wait in your car until your scheduled time as we will have the door locked and no longer have a waiting room (based on safe occupancy per sqft)
  3. Please do not bring any personal items or belongings with you. Try to leave your jacket and sweaters/ hoodies, etc, and personal effects, food and beverages at home or hidden in your car as your stylist can no longer take your coat for you.
  4. We will no longer be offering any magazines, or beverages during your visit and we ask that you limit your movement in the salon as much as possible which includes touching any retail products. Your stylist will get products for you. If you need to use the washroom, please let your stylist know so it can be cleaned immediately afterwards.
  5. We will no longer be able to greet you in our usual manner. There will sadly be no hugs, handshakes or any physical gestures when you enter or leave. ☹
  6. We no longer allow any walk-in traffic, so if you need to pop in for retail products between appointments, please contact your stylist ahead of time so she can get it ready for you and set a time for curbside pick-up. The salon door will be locked at all times.
  7. Once you enter the salon we ask that you wait at the sign for your stylist BEFORE you reach the front desk.
  8. Please then use the hand sanitizer provided.
  9. You will now be required to put on a new face mask. Gloves will be available to you as well, but are not mandatory. Your mask must be minimum 3ply. If you don’t have a NEW mask with you, then one will be provided to you for a fee. You must wear your mask for the complete duration of your appt.
  10. We are conducting active screening and will be giving everyone that enters touch-less temperature checks as well as a checklist of specific questions to answer, acknowledge and sign off on BEFORE beginning your appointment.
  11. In order to keep the salon clean and as safe as possible, we need to book at least 15 min between each client to clean and disinfect according to our COVID-19 safety/cleaning protocol and we can no longer double book. This limits our productivity and the number of clients we can see per day. We also have to purchase PPE to protect our clients, as well as ourselves. All of this comes at a great cost including the higher risk the stylists are putting themselves at. Because of this, there will be a price increase to recover the losses resulting from these new practices.
  12. We will waive any cancellation fees if you feel at all unwell up until an hour before your appointment. If you arrive for your appointment sick, you will be charged for the time booked and will be unable to receive any services.
  13. We ask for your understanding and patience as we all get used to this “new normal”. We will guide you through this once you arrive. It’s an uncertain time and we appreciate your cooperation. We ask that you please bear with us and these new rigid rules. We are following WorkSafe guidelines and take your well being seriously.

Thank you for taking the time to read all of this. We just wanted to prepare you for some of what this new world looks like inside the walls of Lather Hair Lounge. We don’t like it but it is what it is. Safety is of the utmost importance to us and we want everyone to stay healthy during these crazy times, so PLEASE remember, there are NO exceptions to anyone, even our own families – Thank you so much.

The Ladies of Lather xx


  1. We will be limiting our occupancy to a max of 10 people based on our workable space and square footage as per Work Safes guidelines. For us to maintain adequate distance between people, we require a minimum of 55 square meters in our open area.
  2. Our workstations are spaced more than 2 meters apart.
  3. We are limiting our staff room to a maximum of 2 people at one time.
  4. We have removed our waiting area.
  5. We have installed a plexi-glass barrier at our front reception desk.
  6. We will not be allowing walk-in traffic or have clients waiting in the salon for their appointments.
  7. Our door will typically remain locked to avoid any unpredicted congestion or have our salon over capacity.
  8. Clients will have access to our new protocol before coming to the salon so they are aware of our new practices and what is expected of them once they arrive.
  9. We have placed a table with markers asking people to wait at that spot before entering.
  10. Hand sanitizer will at the entrance and will be required once arriving and leaving.
  11. Masks will be required for appointments in their entirety. If clients do not have one, one will be provided for them.
  12. No unnecessary belongings will be allowed. If they come with a items, they will be placed in a sanitized covered bin until they are ready to leave.
  13. Removal of all magazines, booklets, brochures, and personal effects from our front area and workstations.
  14. Clients and workers will be asked to allow one person at a time to walk through the center of the salon to avoid unnecessary congestion and clients will be asked to limit their movement throughout the salon during their appointment.
  15. A large plastic barrier has been installed between our two shampoo sinks to provide safety and is part of our cleaning and disinfecting protocol.
  16. Limiting close interactions as much as possible, and limiting length of appointments when possible.
  17. Stocking additional supplies at each workstation to minimize any possibility of cross contamination and as much movement in the salon as possible. We will not be sharing styling products or tools.
  18. Workstations will have their own:
    Barbicide jars, changed daily.
    Clippercide at each station pillar.
    Virucide cleaning agents available throughout salon.
    Hand sanitizer and each station.
  19. All stylists have recently updated their sanitation and sterilization knowledge by taking recent online course(s) – certificates available to view on request.
  20. Signage posted regarding COVID-19 safety practices as friendly reminders and/or to give direction..
  21. Retail will be only touched by workers and covered to the best of our ability to protect it from airborne pathogens etc.
  22. Adding additional cleaning and disinfecting times between each and every client . At the end of each appointment we will be disinfecting our work areas with specific virucide and use a timer for it to kill germs, bacteria and viruses sufficiently accordingly to products directions.
  23. Clean and disinfect all tools and equipment between each client.
  24. Shampoo sinks/chair areas will be cleaned with the same protocol as the work stations after each use.
  25. Bathrooms will be cleaned throughout the day.
  26. Front desk, door knobs, light switches, phone, handles, countertops, touch screens, and any other surfaces repeatedly used will be cleaned and disinfected throughout the day, preferably after each use.
  27. Workers will be washing their hands or using hand sanitizer before and after every client. And every time they touch higher traffic areas or after coming in contact with public items.
  28. We will not be double booking to prevent any additional risk to cross contamination and to maintain our occupancy limits.
  29. All workers will be temperature checked before starting work each day.
  30. We will be conducting active screening with temperature checks and questionnaire clients must answer before scheduled appointment.